LASIK eye surgery is a life changing procedure that can give patients freedom from glasses and contact lenses.  To ensure optimal results, we encourage patients to take special care of their eyes, especially during the first post-operative week.

3-6 hours after LASIK surgery

In the immediate 3-6 hours after LASIK surgery, we recommend wearing eye protection and getting lots of rest.  We will provide a cushioned pair of goggles to be worn while asleep for one week in order to protect against inadvertent eye rubbing.  Once this initial phase of healing has been achieved, it is acceptable to watch TV or look at a phone, as long as your eyes feel comfortable.  

The week after LASIK surgery

We also recommend using your prescribed eye drops to prevent inflammation and infection.  Most patients use these drops for about one week.  Additionally, we recommend frequent use of preservative free artificial tears to help your eyes heal and keep them hydrated.  Feelings of dryness are common after LASIK for the first month or two, and keeping them well moisturized with drops can help to reduce any short-term discomfort. 

Sunglasses are recommended when outdoors or in bright light to fend off any feelings of light sensitivity in the days following laser vision correction.  

Vision recovery for most patients after LASIK surgery is fairly rapid, though the timing depends on each individual’s pre-operative prescription and their body’s healing response.  Most patients are able to resume their normal activities by the following day, including driving in a car.  

We advise to avoid being around excessive amount of dust, pollen or smoke to avoid unnecessary irritation.  You may take a shower, but refrain from having the stream of water hitting you directly in the face and avoid getting shampoo or soap in your eyes.  

Avoid getting water directly in your eyes for two weeks, which includes swimming in pools, hot tubs or the ocean.  Refrain from wearing eye makeup for one week.  

Light exercise is okay to do after LASIK, as long as sweat is not dripping into the eyes.  Activities and sports that risk getting hit in the eye should be avoided for at least one week.


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