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With so many LASIK practices in New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania, it can be daunting to choose the right one. Some places may entice you with snazzy marketing messages or seemingly low-cost price points. But for something as important as your vision, you should choose carefully. Here at Wills Laser Vision, we pride ourselves on being one of the top LASIK facilities in New Jersey.

Here’s what we provide:

Personal, attentive care

At Wills Laser Vision, everyone in our office, from our coordinators to our technicians and surgeons, will work together to ensure you get the best care. We’ll sit down and talk you through the process, explaining the risks, benefits, and alternatives, walking you through the entire procedure, and answering any questions you have.

Prior to your surgery, we’ll do a thorough eye examination, multiple scans and measurements, and review your medical history to ensure that you are a perfect candidate from a safety point-of-view.

Many of our patients have left us notes of appreciation about how comfortable and at-ease they felt. Your personal consultation is with the surgeon, not an optometrist, technician or coordinator.  
The surgery itself is a painless and quick procedure. Following surgery, we’ll provide you with clear and comprehensive instructions for recovery and continue to monitor your progress closely over the next few days, weeks, and months. Most patients see well enough to drive the next day after surgery without glasses or contacts.

The gold standard in technology

Not all LASIK is created equal. Some LASIK practices still use older technologies like a blade instead of a laser to create the corneal flap. Likewise, many LASIK practices use older lasers to sculpt the cornea that do not provide the same accuracy and precision as the latest models. 
Wills Laser Vision offers the latest and most advanced LASIK technology available in New Jersey. To create the corneal flap, we use an FemtoSecond 200 laser, the newest generation of blade-free systems. This laser creates 1.3 million micron-sized over-lapping bubbles in a plane in the cornea in about 6 seconds. The FS200 far surpasses any other blade-free system available in speed and precision. 
Wills Laser Vision uses the Wavelight Allegretto EX500 with the Perfect Pulse Tracking System. This sixth generation excimer laser uses Perfect Pulse to address the unique 3-dimensional shape of your cornea, unlike other lasers that focus solely on the front center surface of the cornea,. This laser sculpts with sub-micron pulses and is controlled by a tracking device that is the fastest and most accurate in the field. The tracker re-aligns the laser to your pupil over 1000 times a second, allowing for unprecedented accuracy and customization. The EX500 is the only excimer laser FDA-approved for all three customized treatments: wavefront-optimized, topographic-guided and wavefront-guided. For patients with larger pupils, the EX500 is able to treat larger optical zones to minimize the risks of postoperative halos and glare.

The area’s most skilled surgeons

Our doctors’ bios read like a “Who’s Who” of eye care in New Jersey. Some of our doctors actually helped pioneer refractive and LASIK surgery in New Jersey. They have received countless prestigious awards from their peers for their medical innovations and research, and are consistently named America’s Top Doctors by various national publications.

Our surgeons have all received extensive training from some of the most prestigious institutions. They have also provided training and education to other surgeons throughout the country and the world. Many of our doctors are sought out by the media on matters pertaining to ophthalmology and laser eye correction, and many of our doctors participate in philanthropic work. You can read much more detail about each doctor by visiting the Our Eye Surgeons page. 

Wills Laser Vision at Princeton has been designated as a “Center of Excellence” by Wills Eye, one of the world’s most prestigious eye healthcare systems.

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